How I ended up in KSA

You’re probably wondering how a 24 year old woman ended up in Saudi Arabia.

And you’re right to question why the heck I decided to come here. There’s a lot of misconceptions about this part of the world! And, especially about Saudi Arabia.

In my undergrad, I took Arabic courses, and the first 2 years were taught by a little Saudi woman called Huda. I honestly found her so inspiring and dreamed to know more about her– which she allowed our classes to do during discussion classes rather than learning horrible Arabic grammar. I recall a student asking Huda if she hated her government, and jokingly told her, “we won’t tell if you say yes.”

I think Huda’s response is what made me genuinely want to learn more. She explained that in America, there were a lot of misconceptions, a lot of media telling lies about KSA; there are problems. But it’s not all horror stories we see in movies. Many students studying in America are on full-paid scholarships provided by the Saudi government, plus they are given a living allowance which is over $1500. Huda did not hate her government. At least that’s what she told us. And, honestly, Huda inspired me, and made me determined to live here.

There’s always a but. 

I ended up in Saudi because I fell in love with a Saudi, who loves his family more than anything in the world. When we decided to get married, I told him, of course I will come and live here- permanently. Inshallah.

So what do I do with my time?

I’m a teacher by profession. I think actually, some of my students are even reading these entries. But, right now, I’m between jobs, and spending my time really getting to know my city. I’m getting to know the people here– and trying to “make connections” wherever I go.

I want you to see the Saudi I love and the Saudi I appreciate. I want you to see the amazing changes happening in our Kingdom; I want you to especially meet the women who are initiating and breaking glass ceilings.

No matter what I will always say alhamdulillah, thank God, I ended up getting to live my dream- in KSA.

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