Who is The Blue Razaz

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post, as The Blue Razaz. You might have stumbled across this blog whilst searching on instagram, or you might be my friend or family, or maybe a number of other ways people find blogs these days. I’ve had countless blogsites over the years, but I have recently made a major life-changing move, and I want to document it, like most young people my age. So! Here we go…

My name is Sarah, and I am 24 years old. The Blue Razaz has been something constantly in my brain for roughly the last 2 years as I transitioned post-graduation to “the real world.” Something they don’t prepare you for in America after you graduate university (besides the crippling debt you can expect), is how things don’t always go to plan. After a year of not finding “the” job, I took a leap of faith, and moved to Istanbul, Turkey in August of 2017, to teach English. It was to put lightly, awful, but it truly shaped me into who I am today, and looking back on it, I will forever be grateful to Istanbul and the experiences I had there.

Now, for the last 6 months, I have been living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my Saudi husband, teaching English and really living my best life, alhamdulillah! The main purpose of this blog, is to share my life in Saudi, my life transitioning as the country shifts to a “new” KSA, and to shed light on what is happening here, especially in the field of Saudi women who are making an impact in our society. Before coming to Jeddah, I was always looking for blogs to read about what life was really like here, and I had a hard time finding any.

So! Let’s get started, and I look forward to hearing your questions, writing for your pleasure, and getting the word out about life in KSA.

Assalaam alaikum.

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